Wednesday, April 9, 2014

20 Sexiest Men in Cinema

Who are the hottest guys in Hollywood? I've got them right here (at least according to me).

1. Brad Pitt
He's aged extremely well over the years. If I were Angelina Jolie I'd never stop making babies.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

My favorite since I was a teen. He's still crazy hot and could act the pants off anyone (sexual innuendo most definitely intended). Give the sexy man an Oscar already.

3. Theo James

My new favorite. After looking through his pictures, I do believe I may be pregnant.

4. Johnny Depp

This guy continues to grow better looking with age, defying physics. Not only that but he can take on any personality with charm and ease.

5. Robert Downey Jr.

Sure he's got attitude and can be a bit quirky IRL, but DAMN.

6. Paul Walker

As his movies are still being released, he had to appear on this list. Such a tragedy that he died so young.

7. Jeffrey Dean Morgan

While he was a scene-stealer in Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural, he isn't in as many movies as I'd like.

8. Mark Wahlberg

I wouldn't be doing this list justice if he didn't make the list. And yes this is an old picture, although he still looks amazing and probably takes the award for "aged best".

9. Kellan Lutz

While I have yet to decide if he can act or not, do we really care?

10. Dwayne Johnson

I usually don't like my men this beefy, but I'd do anything for The Rock. No, I mean literally.

11. Matthew McConaughey

He's been a favorite over the years, but I'm really hoping he'll start putting his weight back on because I miss this gorgeous face!

12. Channing Tatum

I mean did you SEE Magic Mike and what that man can do with his body?

13. Bradley Cooper

Those eyes. That voice. Ay caramba.

14. Ryan Gosling

Because we've all pictured him leaning in close, pressing his hand to your lower back and whispering, "Hey girl."

15. Colin Ferrel

I never really saw him as that hot until I saw the remake of Fright Night and decided I wouldn't be opposed to having Jerry the vampire as my neighbor.

16. Woody Harrelson
I mean it all depends on what movie he's in, but the guy is one sexy mo-fo. Maybe it's just because he reminds me of my husband.

17. Justin Timberlake

A true triple threat, and not too painful to look at either. I like my men funny.

18. Will Smith

Funny and hot, I'll watch any of his movies without even knowing the premise first.

19. Daniel Craig

Thanks to the Bond movies for bringing us more of this guy.

20. Chris Hemsworth

The sole reason I broke down and watched Thor. Not even sure I could tell you the plot, but it was visually stimulating.

I've decided this is one of my favorite perks of being an author of romance. Who wouldn't want to spend their day thinking about attractive people and scrolling through hundreds of tantalizing pictures?

Did your favorites make the list? Let's hear it in the comments below!

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  1. How can Theo James not be number 1. You just broke my heart. I love that you included Paul Walker in your list. The girl in Wreck Me is named Piper Walker in honor of him.