Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Real Reason We Loved DIVERGENT

Let's be honest. Sure Veronica Roth wrote a compelling story, and yes Shailene Woodley is cute and can act pretty well, but none of those things were the reason women were squirming around in their seats at the recent Divergent premiere, or decided to go back a second and third time (without their husbands), or created an entire new Pinterest board, or wrote some really steamy love scenes in one afternoon when picturing a certain someone from the movie acting them out.

No. It was because of THIS GUY
**Lord, have mercy on my soul.**

I hadn't heard of Theo James before seeing Divergent. I don't know that any of us had. But holy shit, when he opened his mouth, or looked at Tris a certain way, or even clenched his jaw, I was done for.

Thanks to my new discovery, I officially have enough ammo in my spank bank to make it to the second installment of the Divergent series.

Or at least I hope.

If you have yet to see the new Divergent movie, drop everything you're doing and run to the theatre. And it's probably better if you go alone. Or with a group of girlfriends. There's actually a pretty good story somewhere in there, too.

Edward Cullen and Gale Hawthorne, eat your heart out. America has a new leading hunk, and he's

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  1. OMG, yes. He is definitely the sexiest actor in the universe.